About Us

God took a broken time in our lives to renew and build us up.

Hi! We are Mary Howarth-Hernandez and Michael James Hernandez of Gakona. We had a life changing experience back in late August of 2006, which caused us to get more creative with our lives. With the help of dear friends, our church (Glennallen Community Chapel), and Crown Financial Ministries Bible Study Group, we were able to pull up our boot-straps and move forward. Today, after countless hours of work from these friends and church members and numerous donations of time and money, we are able to offer you a home away from home at the Copper River Country Bed & Breakfast. All of this, right in the middle of God's Country! And if that is not enough, there is plenty of salmon fishing to be had through local fishing guides. If you are hungry, we can suggest a couple of nice options for dining (be sure and see our activity page for more about dining and fishing).

Mary is a teacher's aide during the school year at Glennallen Elementary School in Glennallen, AK. She also loves being a Weather Observer at her other job which is at the Gulkana Weather Station. Mary spends most of her time with her son, Michael, with church friends, and with her hobbies birding and quilting (be sure to check back to see Mary's quilting page).


Michael James is going to be a sophomore at Glennallen High School. He spends his off-time fishing, dirt-bike riding, snow-machining, hunting, or commercial fishing out in Bristol Bay, AK. You can check out his website at: J and J Productions .



We have 2 dog-people. One is a Jack Russell Terrier named 'Alpine' and the other and younger of the two, is 'Liz,' a Rat Terrier. They keep us laughing and on our toes most of the time.